In 1993, Charles Jones a successful businessman from the northeast opens Enviro-Tech of America, Inc. in Cape Coral, Florida. Mr. Jones recognized the need for innovative biological solutions in the wastewater treatment and related industries. His initial product offers were high potency, high performing microbial products.

Enviro-Tech partnered with a Fort Lauderdale company who manufactured the PX700 Biostimulant. Charles Jones immediately recognized the benefits of biostimulants for remediation in wastewater treatment and related industries. Enviro-Tech was a master distributor for many years and introduced biostimulation nationwide. In 2004, Charles Jones purchased the patent, trademarks, formula, manufacturing process and equipment for PX700 bio-stimulants and related products and moved the manufacturing plant from Fort Lauderdale to Cape Coral.

The challenges in wastewater, food processing, and commercial industries led the Enviro-Tech research team to develop products that would enhance biostimulation. Enviro-Tech of America’s research and development department introduced a static port aerator mixer; thus, the introduction of their System 1000, the most revolutionary system for grease and odor reduction in sewer lift stations and waste water pits.

The need for microbial products led to Enviro-Tech to expand its high potency premium performing biological products for the wastewater and related industries. Their microbial products led them into the research of natural enzymes. Their enzyme package is the most innovative, broad spectrum enzyme in the world.

In 2005, Mr. Jones developed Bio-Stim-Zyme after eighteen months of research and development.  Bio-Stim-Zyme is a combination of their world class PX700 Biostimulant, super-concentrated CompleteZyme “L” with 14 strains of microbes, and Synergy, a multifaceted natural enzyme with over 6,000 different types of enzymes.

Accomplishments In 2014 was the introduction of the GTX3 program which was developed due to requests from municipalities for the elimination of pass through Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG).

During our research and development all restaurants bought to our attention of slippery floors which led to the introduction of GTX3 Floor Clenz, an all-natural anti-slip floor cleaner.

In addition to our restaurant GTX3 Program we reformulated our grease eating microbes to include the remediation of canola oil. Canola oil has been the missing link in competitive microbes even though the use of canola oil has increased dramatically. Our product F.O.G.-B-Gon is our #1 selling product that handles excessive fats, oils and grease including canola oil.

The GTX3 System has been accepted nationally with proven successful results.

Today, Enviro-Tech’s programs and services are recognized nationwide and abroad. Their products are listed on the Oil Spill Cleanup Programs of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of California’s Fish and Wildlife Department has issued Enviro-Tech a “License for Oil Spill Cleanup Agent”.