Lift Stations

  • PX700

    Biocatalyst liquid that dramatically stimulates and increases the metabolic and reproductive rates of endogenous bacteria. PX-700 provides an environmentally sound and personnel SAFE treatment for wastewater facilities.

    PX700 Overview

  • Bio Stim Zyme

    new formulation simultaneously targets the degradation of proteins, fats, oil, hydrocarbons, grease, lipids, cellulose and sugars.

  • Complete Zyme “L”

    Specially formulated and packaged for direct addition to drains and grease traps in restaurants and commercial buildings.

  • Odor Snuff

    Powerful and effective clay and Zeolite based granular deodorizer that contains a natural odor absorbent.

  • Sock It 2’em

    Specially formulated to eliminate odors in lift stations, sewers, sludge press areas, elevator shafts, dumpster areas, garbage collection areas, industrial plants, and water treatment facilities or anywhere to eliminate strong undesirable odors.

  • PX800

    PX-800 biostimulant is a 100% organic natural mega concentrate that improves all biological performance, specifically formulated and packaged to maximize performance in sewer jet trucks.

  • Bio Block LS

    improved biological product, specifically formulated and packaged for use in lift stations.

  • System 1000

    An on-site automatic dosing system with aeration which utilizes PX-700® Biostimulant

  • Blowers

    Enviro-Tech of America, Inc. has a complete line of blowers to meet all your needs.

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