• PX700

    Biocatalyst liquid that dramatically stimulates and increases the metabolic and reproductive rates of endogenous bacteria. PX-700 provides an environmentally sound and personnel SAFE treatment for wastewater facilities.

    PX700 Overview

  • FOG B Gon

    Highly concentrated, specialized blend of application-specific bacterial cultures selected to degrade municipal, food processing and high fats, oils and grease waste.

  • Bio Stim Zyme

    new formulation simultaneously targets the degradation of proteins, fats, oil, hydrocarbons, grease, lipids, cellulose and sugars.

  • Complete Zyme

    Versatile, advanced multi-strain range of powder formulations designed as cost-effective, ready-to-use treatments to manage degradation of different wastes within domestic and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

  • Complete Zyme “L”

    Specially formulated and packaged for direct addition to drains and grease traps in restaurants and commercial buildings.

  • Complete Zyme “L” 55X

    Specially designed and packaged for the digestion of starches, carbohydrates, tissue, fats, grease, and oils for a wide variety of applications.

  • GTX3 Pour N Forget

    Safe, Effective and Money Saving Treatment for Grease Traps ● Drain Lines ● Septic Systems

    GTX3 Pour N Forget is a unique, liquid, all-natural plant extract that is environmentally friendly and safe for grease remediation. There are no toxic chemicals, cultured bacteria or enzymes in this product. GTX3 Pour N Forget will not harm hard services, pipes and is non-corrosive.

  • GTX3 Floor Clenz

    Safe, effective and money saving cleaner for floors, hard to access corners, cracks & crevices.

    GTX3 Floor Clenz is specifically designed for cleaning floors, hard to access corners, cracks, crevices and drains. GTX3 Floor Clenz combines our proprietary advanced versatile green surfactant that allows for superior penetration and removal of oily/greasy soils. GTX3 Floor Clenz cleaning power makes cleaning areas where agitation or mechanical action is restricted a breeze.

    GTX3 Floor Clenz Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

  • GTX3 Floor Clenz DF

    Safe, effective and money saving cleaner for high volume deep fry cooking.

    GTX3 Floor Clenz DF Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

  • GTX3 Drain Clenz Gel

    Safe, effective and money saving treatment for removal of organic material from all drain lines.

    GTX3 Drain Clenz Gel incorporates our unique, versatile, advanced chemistry for superior cleaning of Fats, Oil and Grease (F.O.G.) immediately upon application and continues to work in the pipes and grease trap. The effective formulation promotes greatly improved performance in the cleaning and removal of organic materials causing the problems.

  • Triple Punch Degreaser

    Revolutionary natural dispersant that breaks organic and hydrocarbons to a minute particle that indigenous organisms can remediate. Our revolutionary dispersant breaks particles and changes polarity that absolutely prohibits the solidification of fats, oils and grease (F.O.G.) downstream.

  • Odor Snuff

    Powerful and effective clay and Zeolite based granular deodorizer that contains a natural odor absorbent.

  • Sock It 2’em

    Specially formulated to eliminate odors in lift stations, sewers, sludge press areas, elevator shafts, dumpster areas, garbage collection areas, industrial plants, and water treatment facilities or anywhere to eliminate strong undesirable odors.

  • PX800

    PX-800 biostimulant is a 100% organic natural mega concentrate that improves all biological performance, specifically formulated and packaged to maximize performance in sewer jet trucks.

  • Grease Buster CU

    Powerful enough to liquefy grease found in commercial floor drains and all other drain lines including soda and coffee maker drains.

  • Grease Buster LS

    Powerful enough to liquefy grease found in municipal sewer systems.

  • Foam RX

    Contains minerals, surface-tenson depressants, and natural buffering systems, all of which work together to rid your plant of surfactant and emulsion chemistries as well as F.O.G. and fatty acids.

  • Bio Block LS

    improved biological product, specifically formulated and packaged for use in lift stations.

  • System 1000

    An on-site automatic dosing system with aeration which utilizes PX-700® Biostimulant

  • System 100

    An on-site automatic dosing system which utilizes PX-700® Biostimulant

  • Blowers

    Enviro-Tech of America, Inc. has a complete line of blowers to meet all your needs.

    Please contact us for more information.

  • Mini Max System