100% Natural Mega Concentrated Biostimulant

For many years governments and industries throughout the world have used chemical agents for the treatment of various problems encountered in wastewater, lakes, ponds, and hydrocarbon contamination. These chemicals, apart from being hazardous, only mask the problem. Through many years of research and development, Enviro-Tech of America has developed a Mega Concentrated Biostimulant that dramatically increases the metabolic rate of micro-organisms already present, allowing us to significantly reduce or eliminate problems such as odors, oil, grease and hydrocarbon contamination. As well, waste treatment is enhanced in general due to the non-selective nature of this biostimulant, resulting in improved performance and often decreased sludge production via endogenous stimulation.


Actual Results of Improved Increased Bio-Mass

While PX-700 dosages of .025ppm and 0.5ppm both showed improved microbial growth over the CONTROL (2x more active biomass in both cases), the recommended 1ppm dosage clearly showed the best performance. After 72 hours, the population began to crash in all cases except the 1ppm dosage, likely due to BOD and/or oxygen depravation.